“The help you provided literally changed the course of my son’s academic career. Not only did you help to improve his learning but you improved his self-esteem.”

-ILD parent

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Success Stories

Thank you so much for all the guidance, support, education, friendship and mentoring you provided my child and me throughout the middle school and high school years. You have been a great asset to our son’s development and friend to his soul. You have been wonderful for us and I am so glad you were part of his life for so many years.
-Parent of a High School Student

So many of you made me feel appreciated by paying special attention to me… but it is ALL of you who deserve the recognition for the services you provide. Without your help none of what I have achieved post degree would have been possible.

The testing and follow up conference was an enormous help. You clarified many issues we were grappling with and you have given us all a good, positive path forward. I am so grateful, too, that you met with my child individually to give her an understanding and appreciation of her strengths and also to help her to understand the areas she needs to work on. We can not thank you enough for your support, knowledge and encouragement.
-Parent of a young child-assessment

Our son made honor roll first semester for the first time in his academic career. We all want to thank you. For the first time he enjoyed going to school and learning. We deeply appreciate all of the time and effort you gave to our son. You are truly gifted! It really feels like we are closing one chapter and opening a new one.
-Parent of 1st year college student

I am so grateful for your insights and perception regarding my son. The consultation provided will literally change the course of the services he receives. I am certain that this will, in turn, improve his learning and self-esteem for the rest of his life.
-Parent of school-aged child

Thank you for evaluating our daughter and being such a helpful resource to my husband and I as we navigate the complexities of procuring appropriate services. Your insight into both our daughter and the educational system has made it possible to advocate for her more effectively. We realize that we are only in the initial phases of ensuring that optimal strategies are in place for her and that further brain storming about how to proceed may be required. Your thoroughness and ability to articulate our daughters learning profile and possible approaches within her school environment have been most appreciated.
-Parent of middle school student

Your preliminary report was so helpful and clear; it helped us gain more clarity around our son and areas for improvement, but also gave us such joy to learn more about his strengths.  I would love to have you meet with him to explain your observations with him – he had such a wonderful experience with you and I know he would be very receptive to hear your words of encouragement and understanding.
-Parent of an elementary student

I think that whatever work  you are doing with my student is making a big difference in his class work. He is actively participating and asking for questions. You must be giving him the confidence that he needs to advocate for himself and a strong groundwork.
-Teacher of an ILD student