“Thank you for all you have done for our daughter. You have been so positive, encouraging, and wonderfully supportive.”

-ILD Parent

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Wendy Stacey, M.Ed., Director of Reading and Language

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Speech and Language Therapy & Social Pragmatics

Like all other services provided at ILD, speech and language therapy is delivered in a highly child-centered, process oriented, and strengths-based manner.  Our therapists can approach students very creatively, drawing on a large repertoire of skills, programs, and techniques in order to individualize intervention.  Our work is grounded in well-established theory and current research.

Individual Therapy

Individual Speech and language therapy at ILD is provided with a focus on building a therapeutic relationship that forms the foundation for all of our clinical work.  The major goal of speech and language therapy is to enable the student to develop strong metacognitive awareness and to become a strategic communicator.

Our clinicians address a variety of needs ranging from foundational skills such as speech sound production, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary development to higher order, integrative language skills such as drawing inferences, understanding metaphors, initiating conversations, and organizing thoughts for both oral and written communication.

Speech Production

Treatment for difficulties with speech production may address articulation of specific sounds as well as rate and quality of speech.   Typically, sessions targeting only speech production are shorter in duration than those targeting language and literacy skills.

Language and Literacy

Our specialists typically address four major areas through individually tailored activities during weekly sessions:

  • Develop internal structure (internal language)
  • Communicate (use internal structures to communicate thoughts/expressive language)
  • Apply language skills to broad learning goals
  • Metacognition and strategy instruction

Group Therapy: Social Pragmatics

Small group sessions are established during the summer to target social language skills in an interactive and engaging format to target improvements in social awareness, social communication, and problem solving.  These groups are suitable for students identified with social learning difficulties, such as those that often coincide with ADHD, Nonverbal Learning Disability, and Asperger’s Syndrome.  Through games and other interactive activities, students strengthen skills and strategies for taking perspective, working in groups, maintaining friendships, and solving problems.  Groups typically consist of 3-4, carefully matched students.

Students are registered for groups on a first come, first served basis.  There must be a minimum of 3 students for groups to run.  For more information, please contact Laura Licuanan, M.S., CCC-SLP at [email protected] or (781) 861-3711.