“Your insight into both our daughter and the educational system has made it possible to advocate for her more effectively.”

-ILD Parent

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Speech and Launguage Evaluations

Comprehensive Evaluations

Speech and language evaluations are designed to assess the major components of communication, including auditory processing, phonological processing, speech sound production, receptive and expressive language, abstract language, social skills/language pragmatics, reading, and writing.

At ILD, we use a range of standardized and informal measures to clarify the student’s current levels of functioning and to test hypotheses regarding his or her performance.

A comprehensive evaluation typically includes:

  • 4 hours of testing  spread over two appointments
  • An hour-long meeting with parents to discuss the results
  • An optional meeting for the student to provide age-appropriate feedback where applicable
  • A detailed report that documents all of the findings and provides specific recommendations for treatment, instruction, and accommodations

There is a flat rate for the comprehensive speech and language evaluation.  If a partial evaluation is warranted, the fee for this service will be pro-rated at the current hourly rate.  Likewise, for cases requiring a more extensive evaluation, the hourly rate may be applied for additional testing time.

Diagnostic Language and Literacy Therapy

In some cases, a combination of testing and teaching conducted over several weeks is recommended.  Rather than evaluating a student’s speech and language across a range of areas, diagnostic therapy provides an in-depth look at specific language or literacy skills using a testing-prescriptive teaching process.  This enables the specialist to go beyond the parameters of formal testing in order to test various treatment techniques and/or strategies over time with the individual.  The information gathered through this process is then used to establish a more specific “blueprint” for individualized instruction in oral/written language and literacy.

Typically, the process involves:

  • 8-12 individual sessions
  • Parent conference at the end of the process
  • Diagnostic analysis, interpretation, and integration of all relevant information
  • Comprehensive written report that includes specific recommendations for language and literacy intervention.

The fees for these services are pro-rated at the current hourly therapy rate and are based on the time the process takes and the extent of the report needed.