“Your insight into both our daughter and the educational system has made it possible to advocate for her more effectively.”

-ILD Parent

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Wendy Stacey, M.Ed., Director of Reading and Language

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Speech and Language

ILD offers comprehensive speech and language services, including consultation, evaluation, and individual or group therapy, to individuals whose primary area of difficulty is in communication.  Our practice integrates a thorough and deep understanding of language, cognition, and literacy so that our specialists are able to address a wide range of issues, such as speech articulation, social pragmatics, phonological awareness, language comprehension and expression, as well as reading, writing, and study skills.  Most of our speech and language pathologists are also trained reading specialists who are able to understand oral and written communication as well as the relationship between language and learning.

We specialize in using a collaborative team approach in which the speech-language pathologists consult with the assessment team, psychologists, and educational specialists on staff to ensure that each student receives optimal intervention.


  1. To request speech and language services, please call or email our office to set up an initial case review and consultation appointment.  Our discussion will help us determine the best plan for moving forward, whether this entails evaluation, individual therapy, or some other solution.
  2. If a speech and language evaluation is appropriate, testing is scheduled based on the student’s need.
  3. If weekly speech and language therapy is needed, we will match your child or adolescent with one of our specialists, who will develop a customized plan.
  4. After approximately 6 sessions, a parent conference is held to review progress, discuss and update your child’s current language profile, and create a plan for the future.