“I would not be where I am today had I not received your help over the past few years. You have definitely shaped my life into what it is and what it will be.”

-ILD Student

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Joan Steinberg, M.Ed.
Director of Educational Therapy

4 Militia Drive, Suite 20
Lexington MA, 02421
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Remediation and Special Instruction

ILD provides Remediation Services and Special Instruction in the Greater Boston area and beyond, helping students to develop  their Reading, Writing and Math skills.


Our Educational Therapists and Reading Specialists are trained and certified in a variety of specialized research based reading programs. We use an eclectic approach to teach reading by drawing on a variety of these programs and designing an approach that will best fit the needs and interests of each student. Some examples of programs we may incorporate include Lindamood Phoneme and Sequencing (LiPS), Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading, Reading with TLC, Project Read and Read Naturally. For more information about our reading services, please contact Wendy Stacey, M.S., Director of Reading.


Our written language intervention ranges from working at the sentence level through the essay and research level. Our educational therapists incorporate many uniquely designed graphic organizers, structured writing approaches, and the use of technology such as Webspiration and Dragon Naturally Speaking. We find the methods that are suitable for each individual’s learning style.


For math, we use a variety of methods and materials depending on the students’ level of need and their learning profiles. We generally use direct instruction along with methods that integrate multiple representations, ie. concrete materials, representations (diagrams and pictures), abstract concepts (numerical computation). Our students benefit from our “twist at a time” approach, which provides them with sufficient practice with one type of problem before moving on to a slightly different problem type. We use teacher-made materials as well as programs such as On Cloud Nine, Key Curriculum Press materials, Saxon math, and the textbooks and materials that the students are using in school. We augment our work with a variety of web-based software including virtual manipulatives on the web, video instruction, and games. We provide plenty of opportunity in this one-to-one environment for students to engage in a discussion about math reasoning and problem solving and to discover the methods that work best for them.