“You have been a great asset to our son’s development and friend to his soul.”

-Parent of a High School Student

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Director of Educational Therapy

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Diagnostic Educational Therapy

ILD provides Diagnostic Educational Therapy Services to students in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

Diagnostic educational therapy combines assessment with teaching. Rather than assessing a student’s cognitive and learning profile across domains, this diagnostic prescriptive teaching process takes an in-depth look into one particular domain, e.g., math or reading.  Diagnostic educational therapy provides information about WHAT a student knows and HOW a student learns and performs best.  It is unique in that it gives the educational specialist an opportunity to try out specific teaching methods over time to ascertain which educational approach is the best one to use to address the needs of an individual student. In approximately 8-10 sessions, working one-to-one with a student, educational specialists  identify areas of strength and where the breakdown occurs in the learning process. A blueprint for teaching is developed for implementation both in the classroom and during specialized instructional time.

The diagnostic educational therapy process includes:

  • 8-10 educational sessions
  • Parent conference at the end of the process
  • Diagnostic analysis, interpretation, integration of all relevant information resulting in a comprehensive written report that includes specific recommendations for specialized instruction and classroom accommodations. 

The fees for these services (educational sessions, parent conference, and diagnostic analysis/report) are based on the same hourly rate as an individual educational therapy session. The time the process takes and the extent of the report may vary according to each individual’s needs.