“Our son made honor roll first semester-for the first time in his academic career. For the first time he enjoyed going to school and learning.”

-Parent of 1st year college student

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Director of Educational Therapy

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Educational Therapy and Tutoring

 ILD provides a variety of in-person and remote Educational Services to students of all ages in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

ILD learning specialists provide 1:1 educational services to students in-person and remotely who need educational therapy, educational tutoring, executive function coaching, therapeutic tutoring, and/or remedial and specialized instruction. Our approach empowers students to learn “how” to learn, by teaching metacognitive strategies, helping them to understand how they learn best, showing them how to use their strengths effectively for academic tasks, and coaching them in self-advocacy.  The therapeutic relationship between the student and the educational specialist is critically important for fostering self-confidence, motivation, and communication between ILD, home, and school.

Educational Therapy & Tutoring  (ET) Strategy instruction is provided by an experienced learning specialist who focuses on building  a  trusting and therapeutic relationship with each student and for understanding how that student learns.  Students often use their schoolwork as a vehicle for instruction, so that they can learn how to apply new strategies to relevant  academic content. Strategy notebooks are used to document effective strategies to use and practice. Learn more

Diagnostic educational therapy This unique “testing and teaching” process is designed to assess reading, math, or writing and to determine the best educational approach for remediation.  This process is particularly effective for those students who have been evaluated and tutored but who are not making effective progress. At the end of the process, parents can expect a “blueprint” of how the student learns and how the teachers and tutors can teach the student strategies for  reading, writing, or math.

Remediation and Special Instruction Specialized instruction is provided by an experienced specialist that is custom-tailored to the student who has not made effective progress in reading, spelling, writing, or math.1:1 multi-sensory remedial instruction is provided  by an experienced reading or math specialist. We draw from a wide repertoire of specific programs, techniques and research-based strategies to address each individual’s learning difficulties.

School Placement Many parents of students with learning and attention difficulties find themselves wondering which schools might be the best fit for their son or daughter.  At ILD, our multidisciplinary staff has the expertise to help families make these difficult decisions. Learn more

Executive Function (EF) Coaching At ILD, Executive Function (EF) Coaching is offered to students of all ages, including college students and adults, in the context of an educational therapy relationship.  The purpose of EF coaching is to help the learner develop independence in a variety of important areas of self-regulation at home, at school and in life. The executive function processes include: goal setting, planning, prioritizing, organizing, flexible problem solving, self-monitoring and self- correcting.

Educational Services Process Please visit our FAQ if you have any questions regarding ILD’s educational services and process. If you would like to initiate educational services, please call us at 781-861-3711 or email us to set up an appointment for a case review and consultation.