Donna Kincaid, M.Ed.

Assistant Director, ILD and ResearchILD
Director of Outreach and Training

Donna Kincaid, M.Ed. is a the Assistant Director of ILD and ResearchILD and the Director of Outreach and Training for ILD and ResearchILD.   She is also an experienced Educational Specialist who conducts comprehensive psycho-educational assessments and provides individual educational therapy to students of all ages, including college students and adults, with learning and attentional issues. She is also an instructor for the Master your Mind courses for high school and college age students.  These courses use our research-based SMARTS executive function curriculum as their foundation to  teach students effective strategies in areas such as goal-setting, organization, time management, and study skills. In addition, Donna coordinates and facilitates outside professional development for private and public schools, and consults with parents and teachers. Her career in the field of special education has included teaching, supervising, testing, consulting, teacher training, and administrative responsibilities. In the public school sector, she has worked with all levels of educators from teachers to superintendents, and was the Director of Special Education at a bilingual charter school.  She has co-authored a chapter entitled Remembering: Teaching Students how to retain and mentally manipulate information in a ResearchILD book for teachers entitled, Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom (Guilford Press, 2010). Donna holds certification in Special Needs, K-9, a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Massachusetts, and Supervisor/Director Certification in the area of Special Needs.

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