“The help you provided literally changed the course of my son’s academic career. Not only did you help to improve his learning but you improved his self-esteem.”

-ILD parent

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About Us

Welcome to the Institute for Learning and Development (ILD)
Where every student’s path to academic success begins!

Discovering that you or your child struggles with learning, attention, and/or executive function difficulties is stressful, difficult to comprehend, and even more challenging to manage. At ILD, you can be assured that you will receive appropriate help, guidance and support from a range of experienced, highly skilled, and caring specialists. We teach students with complex learning profiles how to become strategic learners and to discover their unique pathways to success in school and in life. Using a team approach, our professional staff collaborates with parents, teachers, employers, and relevant professionals to provide the highest quality services.

ILD was established 25 years ago by Dr. Lynn Meltzer and Dr. Bethany Roditi to transform the lives of students with learning and attention differences. Our internationally recognized team of psychologists, special educators, and specialists in reading, math, and language provide services that maximize every learner’s potential and investment in the learning process. Our core philosophy is predicated on delivering customized services to meet the needs of the individual, focusing on students’ strengths, processes, and strategies. ILD is dedicated to helping students achieve increased school success and enhanced self-confidence.


Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D
President and Director of ResearchILD and ILD
Associate in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Adjunct Associate Professor, Tufts University Dept of Child Development

Donna Kincaid, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, ILD
Director of Outreach and Training