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Meredith Cohen, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Assistant Director of Assessment



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Individual and Family Therapy


  • If your child has been struggling at home, at school or in a social situation and demonstrates signs of emotional distress, counseling may be an important support.  At ILD the therapist helps your child to develop a better understanding of his or her learning style, executive function processes, emotions, and relationships.  The therapeutic relationship created by ILD’s experienced counselors offers your child a safe place to explore his/her feelings, talk through challenging experiences, and discuss possible solutions.


  • Adolescents often benefit from counseling as they grapple with the physical and emotional changes that they are experiencing. In addition, the increased academic and social demands of middle and high school frequently add stress, especially for those teens with learning and executive function challenges.  It is appropriate to seek counseling for your teen if he or she starts to:
    • Withdraw from family members or friends
    • Become increasingly argumentative
    • Engage in risky behaviors
    • Show sudden changes in eating or sleeping behaviors
    • Disengage from school or favored activities
    • Show unexpected academic decline


  • Individuals may find individual therapy to be extremely helpful if they are having difficulty coping with life’s many challenges, managing attention or organizational problems, suffering from depression, or struggling to manage anxiety or frustration. At ILD our therapists offer a variety of approaches and will help you discover which approach will be most effective for you.


  • Couples often seek counseling when they are struggling with sudden transitions, unexpected stressors, unresolved conflicts, communication difficulties and/or trust and intimacy issues. Parents of children with learning and attention problems also benefit from working with a therapist at ILD who understands the parenting issues at hand. Committing to work with a caring and skilled therapist can help couples to:
    •  Gain a better understanding of their interpersonal dynamics
    •  Enhance communication and empathy with all family members
    •  Strengthen intimacy and a loving connection